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Over the last 10 years we’ve learned to simplify SEO for our clients. We don’t ask for contracts and don’t bombard you with technical mumbo-jumbo.

Can SEO Services benefit your business?

SEO is not for everyone. But if you’re like Jenny, you might want to consider employing search engine optimization to drive traffic to your website. Read Jenny’s story and see if SEO fits your business.

Jenny is an amazing writer and owns a web publication. Because her business is content-based, she wants to make sure she ranks high on Google for her target keywords. Jenny makes money off premium content subscriptions and advertising.

Jenny wants to increase her website visibility, increase the number of site visits from Google. More organic search traffic will ensure more ad revenues. Once she works on her landing pages, it will lead to more premium content sold.

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Jenny runs her publishing website on WordPress content management system. She finds it’s easy to use and manager her post contributors and schedules in it. She followed best SEO practices from Google when she set up the site. However, it was two years ago and nothing has been done to fix technical errors and fix or build links.

The barrier of entry is low so Jenny has a number of sites that are bigger and older than hers. She is afraid that it would be impossible to outperform some of these companies in Google.

  1. Run a technical audit of her site to see what needs to be done.
  2. Create a news sitemap.xml to make sure all of her posts are indexed.
  3. Setup AMP version of all of her articles.
  4. Schedule quarterly SEO audit with Jenny to make sure issues are fixed.

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It was a pleasure to work with Alex because of his experience and customer-friendly approach. Alexander helped us to set up SEO process at RealtimeBoard. He is a proven expert in this field and it was great working together. Alex educated our team, showed helpful tools and resources, figured out what is the most valuable thing to focus on. We’ve doubled our search traffic in half a year. Hope to work together in future!

Andrey Khusid

Founder & CEO, RealtimeBoard

Want to get to the heart of fixing–and learning–about your SEO issues? Then Alex is your go-to. Alex makes the world of SEO easy to understand, helps clients identify and pinpoint where you want to compete for best results then ties it all together in a nice, neat package. He takes the time to get to know your business and gives great, prompt, personalized service. A nice guy to boot, if you want to rank better with Google, look no further.

Jo Williams

President, Not Your Average Jo

We wanted to bring in more clients through our website. Alex was able to optimize and maintain our website to attain higher Google rankings. As a result the number of leads surpassed our expectations. We now receive, on average, about 10 new client leads per week, which in our business, is great! I find Alex very easy to work with, very friendly, flexible and professional. I am already recommending him to my friends as an SEO and PPC expert.

Tina McFadden

Business Manager, Zhivov Law

Frequently Asked Questions

How will search engine optimization benefit my site?
Many website owners think that SEO will get their site rankings high in Google. It is true but before any major outreach SEO campaigns like link building we “clean the house” and fix issues that can potential prevent your pages from getting rankings they deserve. So, the first benefit of search engine optimization for your website is – SEO makes your site accessible for search engines and people.


Once the site is clean and healthy we ensure that it is well optimized for your target key phrases. In a lot of the cases our technical fixes in step 1 (above) will lead to higher rankings. However, this is not all we do. At this point we create a content strategy for your site to ensure that you’re creating or updating your pages with content that people look for and love. It’s up to you who you want to execute on that strategy – you or us.

We also create a link building strategy. It’s an easy to follow guideline document based on our audit of your website’s link inventory as well as the inventory of your competitors. It includes the types of links you should get and tactics to use to get those links. Again, at that point you will choose if you want to do it or if you want us to do it for you.

Once the improve the content and start getting some authoritative backlinks you will start seeing results or our efforts. At that point it’s a good idea to keep an eye on 1) traffic from organic search, 2) overall search engine visibility and 3) page specific keyword rankings. Again, you can use your tools or you can have us monitoring your SEO campaign.

What do you do to make my site rank?
We work to improve your website in three main area: technical / accessibility, content optimization and link building. Here’s a quick snapshot of each area below.


Technical SEO deals with ensuring that your site can be easily accessed by search engine bots. Here we identify issues that might prevent bots from indexing. Once identified, we create a plan to fix those issues over a period of time.

Content optimization works with ensuring that you have unique, quality and relevant content on your website. Here we also look at how well your pages are optimized for target key phrases. We identify opportunities where 1) new content needs to be created, 2) if some pages need to be updated and 3) what can we do to make the pages rank better for its respective keywords.

Link building deal with build up the authority of your website. Gone are the days when quantity of “cheap” links mattered to search engines. Google, Bing and Yahoo are much more sophisticated these days and they can clearly see which links point to your site. If it’s low quality links, then you might get some SEO points off and even get penalized by drops in rankings. Working in this area, we analyze your current links inventory and identify possible issues. Here we also look at your competition and their link portfolios. As a result we build a strategy that will allow you to get relevant and authoritative links pointing to your site.

There’s a number of ways to make this process work for you company. So, let’s set up a call and discuss your particular case and how we can use quality search engine optimization to make your site rank higher.

How long does it take to see search engine optimization results?
IMPORTANT! Search engine optimization is a long-term tactic that never shows immediate results. Also, SEO is an ongoing process. It is not a set-and-forget project. If you need immediate results in a form of leads for your business, please see our PPC management services.


Now, you probably want some estimates and rules of thumb. Here’s a few points on that. The answer depends on a number of things including your:

  • Website: What your website is like at this point? Does it need a lot of work to make it rank? Are there technical issues that will prevent the site from ranking?
  • Domain: What’s your domain history? Do you have any link / content penalties from search engines that could slow down the process? How old is the domain name? Has it always been under your business ownership? How authoritative is your domain in your search niche?
  • Industry (search niche): How competitive is your search niche? How many companies are competing for the limited placement on the first page of Google?
  • Competitor websites: How strong are the competitor sites and how long will it take to reach and outperform then? Do they have exceptional content? What about their links?
  • Budget: What’s your budget like? The reason SEO takes time for many small business is that it’s often too expensive to resolve all site issues at once. So, many SEO agencies choose to spread the work over several months to make it more manageable for the client.

Now you know a few key elements that go into estimating a timeline. The actual timeline is much clearer after an SEO audit. Many of our clients started seeing the site on Page 1 of Google in 2-3 months. Then they started getting into top 3 results in 6 months.

Also, keep in mind, most SEO companies will try to lock you into a 12-month contract. It’s neither good or bad. This is industry-standard. However, we don’t like “locking people up”, so we choose to be flexible for our clients and go month to month. Let’s have a quick chat to discuss your particular case.

How do you measure my SEO results?
There’s a few things we use to gauge your website’s performance in search engines.


  • Organic traffic from search engines. Does it go up or down comparing to previous periods? Are there trends?
  • Number of search terms your site is ranking for. As your site grows and more pages are added or existing pages are optimized, your keyword inventory expands. We want to make sure it grows over time.
  • Keyword rankings. Although many say that rankings are no longer a good measure of performance, we still monitor them to learn how search algorithms are changing. Keyword rankings are no longer effective as a single measure of site performance. However, if used in combination with other metrics measured here it does work well.
  • Conversions from organic search. But most of all, we’re interested to see how many leads your business generates as a result of people finding you in organic search.

Depending on your business goals and specific campaign requirements we might measure other things. There listed above are some generic SEO metrics we use to measure our clients’ success.