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Need traffic ASAP? Know your target cost per acquisition? Pay-per-click might be the tool for you to get more leads!

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These are some of the awesome clients we’ve had a chance to work with. Some clients hired us directly. Others were part of our agency relationships. But it has always been a result of teamwork and collaboration. 

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It was a pleasure to work with Alex because of his experience and customer-friendly approach. Alexander helped us to set up SEO process at RealtimeBoard. He is a proven expert in this field and it was great working together. Alex educated our team, showed helpful tools and resources, figured out what is the most valuable thing to focus on. We’ve doubled our search traffic in half a year. Hope to work together in future!

Andrey Khusid

Founder & CEO, RealtimeBoard

Want to get to the heart of fixing–and learning–about your SEO issues? Then Alex is your go-to. Alex makes the world of SEO easy to understand, helps clients identify and pinpoint where you want to compete for best results then ties it all together in a nice, neat package. He takes the time to get to know your business and gives great, prompt, personalized service. A nice guy to boot, if you want to rank better with Google, look no further.

Jo Williams

President, Not Your Average Jo

We wanted to bring in more clients through our website. Alex was able to optimize and maintain our website to attain higher Google rankings. As a result the number of leads surpassed our expectations. We now receive, on average, about 10 new client leads per week, which in our business, is great! I find Alex very easy to work with, very friendly, flexible and professional. I am already recommending him to my friends as an SEO and PPC expert.

Tina McFadden

Business Manager, Zhivov Law

Guides & Resources

WordPress spam comments & ways to fight them

I’ve built sites using wordpress and I do a lot of SEO work for clients based on WordPress websites. I’ve been getting regular questions about WordPress spam comments. So, I decided to write a post about dealing with spam comments on WordPress sites.

On-page SEO Guide

On page optimization is critical for Google to rank your pages at the top of search engine results. Quality of your content matters greatly but if your pages are not optimized they will not get much deserved rankings and organic traffic.

Setting Linkedin Company Page for Clients

You offered a client to build a Linkedin Company Page. And the client agreed! However, you may realize that it’s not that easy if you’re not your client’s employee with a corporate email address.

Does your website create duplicate content?

Duplicate content is bad. Just like breaching copyright law or cheating at the university (plagiarizing your friend’s work). Google, in this case, the authority which will penalize your website for duplicate content practices by lowering your rankings or completely removing duplicate content from Google’s database.

URLs for better SEO

URL construction is one of the most frequent things being overlooked in the website design process. Way too often I see URLs that are long, not descriptive and confusing to both people and search engines.

Domain options for great SEO

Domain is an important part of your overall SEO efforts. Good domains tend to get higher rankings in Google and Bing. Here I want to share a few things you want to keep in mind as it relates to having a strong domain for SEO purposes.

SEO Hosting Options to Speed Up your Website

You’ve probably heard the term SEO hosting and may have wondered what hosting has to do with search engine optimization. Here’s I want to share a few thoughts on the matter to help you decide if you need to change your hosting provider for the purposes of SEO.

How to SEO your social media assets

You have a number of social media profiles like Twitter, Facebook Page, Linkedin profile, SlideShare account, etc. Although these are not located under your domain name, it is important that each one of those profiles is properly optimized to be found on Google and associated with your site.

SEO friendly images on your website

In this post I’ll talk about how to ensure you have SEO friendly images on your website or blog. There’s a number of important image properties that should be taken into account: size, name, alts, titles and captions. Let’s start from the top.

How to SEO your PDF files?

The chances are that if you have a website and distribute Word format documents or Power Point presentation they are in a PDF format. If it’s not the case, I strongly recommend converting these docs into PDF.

One page websites SEO

A colleague asked me about one page websites SEO, specifically “Is it bad for SEO to have single page websites?”. I wanted to share my response with you in hopes that the answer helps you in selecting your next website implementation.

Key elements of SEO analytics

What you track on regular campaign basis depends on what your goals are. Generally speaking, there are three main areas of SEO analytics I look at on campaign basis: change in rankings, change in organic search traffic and change in conversions this month.