Website SEO Audit Services

Why SEO audit is important?

Website audit or a website review is like a financial audit of a company. The goal of a website SEO review is to determine site’s weak spots, ensure it follows all rules (on-page optimization, website architecture, link inventory, etc.) and provide you with recommendations on how to improve your website’s ability to rank in search engines like Google and Bing.

What does a complete website SEO audit involve?

Comprehensive or complete website audit is designed to review all elements of your website. This 360-degree tool will allow you to see the weak spots and provide you with a clear set of instructions on how to fix them.

How do I do an SEO audit?

The ultimate goal is to help you improve your search engine rankings. Here’s what a website review looks like:

  • Website review information gathering. We setup a meeting or get on a call to discuss the goals of your website and results it currently gets. I will collect the necessary information to begin my website review process.
  • Search marketing review. The goal of this website review phase is to improve inbound traffic to your website from search engines like Google and Bing. I will look at how well the site communicates with search engines, how well the pages are built and what your link inventory looks like.
  • Website usability review. This phase of the website review looks at how well achieves its conversion goals. Inbound traffic alone should not be the only goal. Improving the ways how users get to information on your site is important too. I will review your website using a systematic approach to analyzing website usability. The goal is to make the website simpler to use for your visitors.
  • Competitor website audit. Knowing how you compare with your competitor website is key in improving overall site performance. I will provide a generic review of several competitors and a specific review of competitor of your choice.
  • Search marketing niche review. Each industry is different. Some industries are more competitive in search engines than others. Understanding your specific industry or niche in search engines is key to reaching top search engine rankings.
  • Strategic online marketing review. Your website, although a major player, is often only a part of your overall online marketing strategy. I conduct a review of your online marketing strategy and provide recommendations to improve your online presence, open new marketing channels and run specific online marketing campaigns.
  • Website audit results presentation. All results of this comprehensive website review will be delivered in two forms. First, it’s an MS Word document with detailed recommendations in each of the phases of the website review. Second, it’s a MS PowerPoint presentation with highlights of the review delivered over a personal presentation or via Skype to you and / or your team.
  • Website audit consulting. After the delivery of the website review report I stick around for a couple of hours to help answer additional questions or aid in implementing the recommendations.

SEO audit packages

Below is a three website review packages. I’ve created them keeping some of my past clients in mind. As I deal with both large companies and small startups I had to find a way to help as many of my clients as I can. Here are the results…

Package 1: Quick and easy website audit

  • Great for most websites that want to get a quick set of recommendations on how their site can be improved.
  • Includes two things: recommendations document (2-3 pages), 1 hour for questions and answers over Skype.
  • Just an idea: You can use this 1 hour to get me to implement my recommendations.
  • Cost: $300.
  • Time: 2-3 days.

Package 2: Deep SEO website audit+ competitor website audit

  • Great for companies and individuals that want to get into more details as well as measure up against competition.
  • Includes detailed SEO review (on-page, architecture, links inventory), search marketing niche review and a look at your one key competitor.
  • As a result you will get a 5-7 page document with detailed review of your website and recommendations to improve.
  • I will present the results to you and your team and answer questions.
  • In addition you will get 2 hours of consulting time. Again a great idea would be to use these 2 hours to get me to implement my recommendations.
  • Cost: $1000.
  • Time: 2-3 weeks.

Package 3: Comprehensive marketing website audit

  • This package is ideal for companies that run larger websites and want to get the most detailed website review.
  • This website review package includes 1) search marketing review including paid and local SERP opportunities, 2) website usability review, 3) competitor website review (brief review for top 3 + detailed website review for one of those), 4) search marketing niche review, 5) strategic online marketing review.
  • You will get a 15-20 page review & recommendations document with examples and clear instructions on how to implement.
  • You will also get a detailed set of data sheets I use in my research and coming you with recommendations.
  • I will present the results to you and your team and answer questions.
  • You will get 3 hours of consulting time in which I can either train your team or implement the recommendations on your website.
  • Costs: $3000.
  • Time: 4-6 weeks.

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