Local SEO Services

You have a physical store or office location. We have a way to drive more people to it from Google local search results.

Does your business need Local SEO?

Local SEO will help businesses that have physical locations. In simpler terms, Local SEO services will put your business on Google Map. Getting on the map takes steps that are different from organic search or SEO. That’s why we offer it as a separate service. Read Jason’s story and see if our Local SEO service fits your business.


Jason runs two art supplies stores in the city. Both of these locations are in prime spots for his customers.


Jason’s goal is to ensure that when people search Google for “art supplies [city]” his stores are found. Moreover, Jason wants to make sure that people that are closest to store A see it first. Once found, he wants to use Google tools to help his customers get driving directions. Increasing local rankings for both locations is #1 priority for Jason.


Jason’s primary customer is a leisure fisherman. They are mostly female. However, he started seeing an increasing share of male customers in the last few years. Most of his audience is 30+ and is really savvy with technology. App Store and Google Play are some of the most visited stores for them. As a result, Jason wants to ensure that his customers can easily find his locations on their mobile devices.


Jason has a website, however having a website is not critical for Local search optimization. Most of the work to optimize Jason’s listings on Google will not include his website.


Jason has a number of competitors across town. Some are closer to his location than others. This means that Google may favour some of Jason’s competitors if the searcher is geographically closer to competing store. Because proximity factor is one of many factors used by Google to rank, we’ll have to ensure that Jason’s overall profile is stronger than that of the competition.

Jason also notices that there are some irrelevant companies outranking him in Google Maps results. These are companies that either no longer exist or mis-categorized by Google or users. Although Google tends to fix those issues quickly, we’ll need to ensure that we speed up this update process so that Jason gets his well-deserved local rankings.

How we help Jason

  1. Run a local SEO audit to establish weak points and points of opportunities.
  2. Optimize his current listings or create new ones for each location in Google My Business.
  3. Conduct a citation building and / or cleaning campaign depending on results.
  4. Develop a review-generation strategy and work with Jason to implement it.
  5. Either start an on-going project to keep his rankings growing or schedule a quarterly Local SEO audit.

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