Setting up a Linkedin Company Page for Clients

Alex Zagoumenov

Alex Zagoumenov

You offered a client to build a Linkedin Company Page. And the client agreed! However, you may realize that it’s not that straight forward to do it if you’re not your client’s employee with a corporate email address.

In order to create a Linkedin Company page two things need to happen. First, you have to have an active personal / individual account with Linkedin. Second, you have to have a company email address such as Linkedin needs your corporate email to verify that you are who you say you are.

So, if you’re asked to setup a Linkined Company page for a client you have two options: do it yourself with minimal client involvement OR involve the client into the process. First option is probably quicker, easier on client BUT…

  • client may not want to give you access to his personal Linkedin account and corporate email address
  • this would violate privacy best practices and might flag your client’s account with Linkedin
  • you may trigger “logging in from an unusual location” with Linkedin, which would block the account access for you and the client

In short, I don’t recommend this option :). You may try if 1) you have a close relationship with the client and 2) located in the same city as your client.

If you choose to go this route, here’s a few things to keep in mind.

Do it yourself with minimal client involvement


If you’re located in a different city than your client, make sure you use some kind of a VPN service to appear as if you’re logging in from your client’s usual location. The worst case scenario is that Linkedin blocks the account temporarily and your client will need to verify that it was him trying to log in from an unusual location.

Once you create the page, make sure you let the client know to update his / her password with Linkedin. It’s just a good manner.

Option 2 is more of a “by the book” solution. So, I’m going to do a quick step by step guide for setting up Linkedin Company Pages for your clients. Here we go…


Proper way to create Linkedin Company Page for clients

  1. Explain the process to the client. No need to go into the details, but give your client an overview of what this process will entail and who will do what.
  2. Ask your client to make the basic setup of the page following official Linkedin instructions. See the video tips on the right of this post.
  3. Ask your client to create a corporate email address with your name and provide you with access. For example,
  4. Go to your linkedin account and add this new email address as one of yours. Linkedin will want to verify that by sending you the email. Follow the instructions.
  5. Make sure you and your client are connected on Linkedin.
  6. Make sure you Follow the newly created page (the one that client created with basic setup).
  7. Ask your client to add your new email address to a list of admins for the page.

Now that you are connected and you added as the admin of the page you will be able to edit and optimize this page for your client.

This way it’s a bit more work on the client’s part, especially if it is a larger company and he / she needs to get in touch with IT people to set up up with the corporate email account. The client may push back a bit because they hire you to create that page and you’re making them do the work. However, this is a proper way to do it. Make sure you explain the situation and the privacy issues you’re overcoming with this option.