SEO hosting: what it is and why do it

Alex Zagoumenov

Alex Zagoumenov

You’ve probably heard the term SEO hosting and may have wondered what hosting has to do with search engine optimization. Here’s I want to share a few thoughts on the matter to help you decide if you need to change your hosting provider for the purposes of SEO.

What is SEO hosting?

Your website is hosted with a hosting provider such as GoDaddy, RackSpace, or your local hosting provider. Such companies provide you with a space on their servers for your website. These servers are located in a specific country such as Canada, U.S., U.K., Russia, etc.

What does hosting have to do with SEO?

Today, when local marketing is important, Google and Bing pay attention to where your website is hosted geographically. For example, if your company sells furniture in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, it’s preferred that you host your website with a local hosting provider as opposed to hosing your website in Philippines or Russia.

If you host with a local hosting company, then server response time will be quicker and the site will load faster. Because website speed is now an important search ranking factor both Google and Bing will reward your website with higher rankings. So the recommendation  for a local business is to be hosted with a local website hosting provider.

What if your website caters to international audiences?


That’s where SEO hosting companies come into play. Such companies have servers in multiple countries and offer server space for your website in the country of your operations. Many international B2C companies refer to this option of specific countries. For example, catering to the U.S. audience is better hosted on U.S. servers. I turn, catering to Russians, is better off hosted on servers in Russia.


Things to keep in mind about SEO hosting

  • You don’t have to have SEO hosting just to boost your search rankings. Just ensure that your current hosting provider is at least located in the country of your business.
  • You can find a few good SEO hosting companies just by Googling “seo hosting”. Make sure you Google “seo hosting companies reviews” too.
  • SEO hosting is more suitable for companies selling to international audiences. In other words, if you sell to Russians, host in Russia, and Google will reward you website.
  • Use SEO hosting if you manage multiple website of multiple domains for multiple countries and languages. Otherwise, just make sure your site is hosted around your place of business (as mentioned earlier, same country is just fine).

Feel free to share your questions and experiences in the comments below.