Pinterest is a new popular kid on the block of social media tools. As with many other social media profiles you get a profile page. In my case it’s You can put this URL on you new business cards if you wish to connect your online and offline community. However, this article is about search engine optimization and how Pinterest can help your SEO.

Pinterest SEO: Search engine visibility

First of all, on in the Edit Profile screen, make sure your profile is not hidden from search engines. The wording is a bit tricky here but make sure that it says OFF to “Hide your Pinterest profile from search engines”. This will ensure your profile appears in Google.

Pinterest SEO: Your website address

With Pinterest profile you get an option to link back to your website, blog or any other profile of your choice. This will give you a link back from At this point (March 3, 2012) the link is followed, meaning that the domain juice is being passed to your website.

Also note that you can still link to an internal page. Many social profiles only link to a homepage, not internal pages. Linking to internal pages such as Website Review vs. my homepage is desired in many cases.

Pinterest SEO: You “About” section

This text section acts as a description of your profile and is likely to be used (partly) in a search snippet in Google. Make sure your description includes 2-3 of your business interests (as keywords). Don’t overdo on the length, 150 characters should be plenty. This will help make the page relevant in Google when people search for your niche terms. Same goes for Pinterest internal search (still needs to be tested though).

Pinterest SEO: Associate with social media profiles

As Google and the web overall becomes more connected it’s important to let Pinterest (and Google) know about your profiles on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you connect these profiles in the Edit Profile section on Pinterest.

These are based on the first glance at the new Pinterest profile and how it affects your search engine optimization efforts. Make sure you follow the above directions and you’ll benefit from this profile SEO-wise. Also, let me know if you think there’s more SEO opportunities with Pinterest.

More resources on Pinterest SEO

There’s a number of great posts on the topic of Pinterest SEO that I came across. These posts deal with a bit more than just the profile optimization. The video and links to posts below cover things like setting up your pin boards, creating and using your pins, etc.

Thanks to the authors of these resources! I hope you find these useful. Feel free to leave a comment and share this article below.