I’ve been reading on a cool deck with online marketing facts and charts from HubSpot. Among other things I came across a slide, in the image below, that made me stop and think of mobile SEO or search engine optimization for mobile websites.


The fact is that people are searching more on mobile devices as opposed to browsing. This leads to: if your site has a mobile version, it should also be optimized for better search engine rankings.

Good articles on mobile SEO

  • Mobile SEO in Help section on SEOchat: this article goes into defining what mobile SEO is and why it’s important. Then it gives you a couple of examples on developing a mobile site as well as submitting it.
  • Quick guide for smartphone and mobile SEO: an article from Lee Odden at TopRankBlog.com. This one shows great visual examples as well as offers some practical advice on mobile SEO.
  • A good read from SearchEngineLand: the article covers a few things you need to know about mobile SEO. Then it goes into basic things as well as advanced things to consider when optimizing a mobile website for higher rankings.
  • Mobile SEO is a Myth: just so we’re staying objective, here’s a good read talking about what a bull-ship this mobile SEO business is. Some good ideas in there but I’d still recommend looking at other articles before you decide that mobile SEO is a fad. BTW, this one is from Search Engine Journal, another SEO authority on the web.
  • Mobile SEO best practices: this one starts with some generic discussion of mobile usability importance without really addressing search engine optimization for mobile devices. However, at rule #3 the author provides a great table of elements and things to keep in mind for mobile SEO. Overall a pretty good article!
  • 3 tips for better mobile SEO: Jason Taylor at Mashable has a concise way of presenting key things on the subject. The article also goes into a few considerations of the future of mobile SEO.
  • Mobile SEO is a-must for acquiring mobile shoppers: another good read on the matter from Search Engine Land. This one is relatively new (April 23rd, 2012) and contains some read gems on mobile SEO best practices.
  • Mobile SEO tips for everyone from SEOmoz: finally an awesome and concise read accompanied by a video lecture that you can see here below.

Mobile SEO for the rest of us

I hope you found these resources helpful. Feel free to leave a comment of two below. And let me know if you ever need a hand with mobile SEO. I’ll be happy to help. Have an amazing day!