I’ve been meeting a few small business owners lately and I hear very similar questions and comments like:

  • We need to do inbound marketing; can you do that for us?
  • We’re looking to be more effective with our website; can you help?
  • Our Google rankings have been dropping and we need to get them back; can you do it?
  • We need to do a lot of remarketing and social media engagement; how much do you charge?
  • And many more questions like that…

Although these are all very relevant questions if you’re a business owner, they create more questions for me as a consultant. The issue is that I can’t answer these directly because I need to know more about your business.

There’s actually a very simple approach that I recommend to all digital and SEO consultants who work with small businesses (it comes handy with medium and large businesses too). Here it is: any marketing communications starts with at least two things: who do I target? and what I want to achieve?

Answering these two questions will help you

  1. Be more specific at what you do in marketing,
  2. Use your marketing dollars wisely,
  3. Increase your sales originating from digital channels tenfold.

So, let’s quickly review both questions.

Know where you want to be

Do you know what you want to achieve? You have to make sure that your goals are SMART. You also need to make sure that you connect your digital goals to your business goals. For example, if you’re selling injury lawyer’s services (business goal) then your digital goal should be call request submissions on the website (digital goal).

Know who you want to reach

Do you know your target audience? More specifically, have you developed a marketing persona? Marketing persona is a portrait of your ideal buyer. Learn about building marketing personas here. The process of building a marketing persona helps improve your product / service offering.

If you approach your consultant with these two areas figured out, then it’ll be way cheaper and more productive to hire this consultant. You might come up with creative marketing ideas yourself (if you know the answers to these questions).

Do you own a small business and have SEO-related questions? Make sure you leave a question or two for me to answer. I’m putting together a small business SEO guide and would love your input. Ask a question and be featured in a cool digital marketing guide :)!

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