Choosing a domain name is important when planning your product launch. There’s a few things on choosing domains for SEO that I’ve already talked about. But the reason I wanted to write this post was the recent EMD update by Google that hunts domains that were created for the sole purpose of getting rankings.

In a nutshell, keyword-stuffed domains is no longer a good practice to achieve higher rankings in Google. Now Google looks at sites with keyword-based domains and tries to understand if these sites were created for the purposes of gaining rankings. Google looks at the quality of content on those sites. If it’s poor, Google penalizes the site by reducing their rankings or removing them from index altogether.

Takeaways from the EMD update by Google

  1. Don’t buy domains to increase rankings. And make sure your agency is not involved in such practices. Feel free to forward this post to them and as if they use such practices.
  2. Focus on content quality. If you have quality content even on the keyword-based site, it’s unlikely that Google will penalize your site. Going forward the quality (along with frequency) of your site’s content will play a huge role in determining your rankings.
  3. Don’t panic. From experience I know that the first reaction is to freak out and start counting dollars lost as a result of lost rankings, calls to your freelancer screaming at them and telling to stop doing what they’re doing, etc. Remember, than panic doesn’t solve problems.
  4. If hit, follow these guidelines. If you’re not maintaining your site, then just send this post to your webmaster or freelance SEO or your marketing agency that’s responsible for your site’s marketing.

Good articles on the topic of choosing a domain name

Feel free to share your experience with buying domain names for the purposes of increasing Google rankings. Also share your story on how you got out of it. And by all means share the article with your colleagues, agencies and freelancers that are in one way or another are responsible for increasing your rankings.